The Royal Oak Collection

Lee Jofa

Royal Oak Bio

Lee Jofa celebrates its English textile heritage in partnership with an Association that promotes Great Britain's decorative arts at large. The Royal Oak Foundation is an American non-profit organization that supports the conservation and preservation of historic houses and gardens throughout England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. This is the first stateside collection of fabrics licensed by the Foundation; and it also represents the first-ever charitable venture between Lee Jofa and a collection partner.

The collection expounds on notions of the English country lifestyle, rather than serving as direct reproductions. And, because the Royal Oak Foundation supports a broad variety of sites, these fabrics show a similar diversity, beyond the archetypal images of manor houses. Patterns span from the jacobean to British-influenced Art Deco to timeless checks and plaids. 18th and 19th century themes from other great European weaving centers also weigh in, reflecting tastes in textiles that might typically have been brought into British homes after a Grand Tour.