Suzanne Rheinstein

Lee Jofa

Suzanne Rheinstein Bio

Suzanne Rheinstein, interior designer extraordinaire and the proprietress of Los Angeles design mecca Hollyhock, launches her first collection of fabrics this fall with the premier textile house Lee Jofa. This is the designer's first licensed line of home furnishings, expanding the reach of her sought-after studio collection of furniture and decorations through Hollyhock.

The latest collection from Suzanne Rheinstein for Lee Jofa, called Hollyhock II, is made up of beautiful prints inspired by antique textiles in Rheinstein's own collection. Refined textures like silk, mohair, linen and cotton provide the perfect foundation for her modern interpretation of centuries-old designs from around the world. Hollyhock II fabrics feature a palette of soft subtle gray, yellow and lavender, which are new to her collection, combined with her signature palette of blue, green and lots of great neutrals.

A doyenne of the Los Angeles design community, Ms. Rheinstein is known for creating the kind of casually luxurious interiors that are associated with the best of the West Coast style. Mixing fine European antiques with down-to-earth cotton and linen upholstery and a soft palette of garden and sea tones, her work has the distinction of being approachable while sophisticated, intimate while auspicious, and at turns, pastoral and historical.

It is no surprise, then, that terrain and color form the foundation of Rheinstein's textile designs. The collection really reflects how Suzanne decorates; it has a wonderful welcome and lightness to it. And, the color palette is special.