Thomas O'Brien


Thomas O'Brien Bio

Thomas O'Brien is the founder of Aero Studios and is also an accomplished interior designer, who creates renowned spaces for a select cache of clients.

O'Brien borrows from the 19th century European tradition of the gallerist, guided by personal and eclectic tastes, funneling his many interests through a distinctive filter of modernism. He adds the American small town simplicity of a purveyor at a general store to create a style that is at once grounded, easy, and refined.

His company designs, develops, and produces for a growing circuit of mediums and brands - Thomas O'Brien® products, Aero Store Collections and Antiques, Aero Store Collections and Antiques, Aero Studios Interiors, and a new comprehensive home collection for Target, Vintage Modern/Thomas O'Brien®. O'Brien addresses a full arc of design, from the products people buy to how they will live with them; a course that stems directly from his own life as an inveterate collector and homemaker.

Thomas O'Brien was born in 1961 in upstate New York and received his BFA from The Cooper Union in New York City. He established Aero Studios in 1992. O'Brien lives in Manhattan and in Bellport, New York.