Lodge Collection

LEFT IMAGE - Furniture: Caprice Chair H4708-20 in Verbier Diamond in Jade/Red 2017130-923; Pillow: Trent Ikat Velvet in Spice/Blue 2017138-125; Drapery Panels: Leyland Print in Berry/Forest 2017133-193; Lichen Lamp from Bunny Williams Home BLH1280; Table: Avelina Round Etagere from MacRae 151-R; Carpet: Hyden in Desert CL-100354

RIGHT IMAGE - Leyland Print in Berry/Forest 2017133-193

Oscar de la Renta

LEFT IMAGE - Pillows (Top Row, Left to Right): Golconda in Ivory 2017102-101, Trim: Just a Peek in White TL10110-1; Golconda in Platinum 2017102-111, Trim: Just a Peek in White TL10110-1; Golconda in Tobacco 2017102-6, Trim: Just a Peek in White TL10110-1; Pillows (Bottom Row, Left to Right): Golconda in Palm 2017102-23, Trim: Just a Peek in White TL10110-1; Golconda in Blue 2017102-15, Trim: Just a Peek in White TL10110-1; Rug: Hyden in Desert CL-100354.Desert

RIGHT IMAGE - Upholstered Wall: Tortuga Bay in Blue/Indigo 2017107-515, Trim: Simple Border in Delft TL10122-515; Furniture: Prescott Skirted Chair H4235-20 in Lucknow in Blue 2017104-5; Pillows (Top to Bottom): Berber in Blue/Indigo 2017100-540, Trim: Just a Peek in True Blue TL10110-55; Cathay in Ivory/Blues 2017105-515, Trim: Just a Peek in Perri Blue TL10110-5; Makassar in Blue 2017106-5, Trim: Just a Peek in Perri Blue TL10110-5; Caravan in Indigo 2017101-50, Trim: Just a Peek in True Blue TL10110-55

Lilly Pulitzer

LEFT IMAGE - Pillows: (Clockwise) Poolside Weave In Resort White 2016107-101, Trim: Chev On It Tape In Shorely Blue TL10142-353, Big Wave In Flamingo 2016116-17, Well Connected In Clementine, 2011101-12, Surf Stripe In Flamingo 2016117-117, Surf Stripe In Palm Green 2016117-123, Seaspray Weave In Clementine 2016110-12, Bazaar In Tiki Pink 2016114-753, Welt: Surf Stripe In Flamingo 2016117-117

RIGHT IMAGE - Pillows: (Top to Bottom) Chev On It in Flamingo 2016115-712, Seaspray Weave in Flamingo 2016110-77, Let's Cha Cha in Tiki/Shorely 2016111-753, Welt: Montespan Satin in Orange 2016110-12, Bazaar in Clementine 2016114-127, Welt: Montespan Satin in Orange 2016110-12, Well Connected in Clementine 2011101-12, Welt: Montespan Satin in Orange 2016110-12; Furniture: Dalton Chair, Skirted H4503-20, Fabric: Besame Mucho in Agate/Conch 2016112-712, Trim: Rip Roaring Orange 2011117-12

Lilly Pulitzer Resort 365

Fabrics: (Left to Right) Big Wave in Beach Blue 2016104-13, Heritage Floral in Aqua/Orange 2016103-512, Treasure in Clementine 2016105-12, Big Wave 2 in Orchid Pink 2016104-77, Cabana Weave in Lush Green 2016101-23, Searchin Urchin 2016102-173, Beach Basket in Clementine 2016106-12, Treasure in Shorely Blue 2016105-13

Aerin Collection 2

Wallpaper: Beaujeu, color Multi P2016105-175; Pillows: Beaujeu, color Multi 2016119-735, Beaujeu, color Petal/Jade 2016119-175, Beaujeu, color Grey 2016119-11, Sebastian Settee H3806-5 in Wessex, color Oyster 2015145-116

Parish Hadley

Sofa: Getty Sofa HB7300-7, Fabric: Le Grenate in Maize 2015116-14; Pillows: Le Grenate in Maize 2015116-14, Draper Stripe in Petal 2015117-743, Timbuktu Velvet in Blue 2015120-5; Chair: Trent Chair H4222-20, Fabric: Maisie in Pink/Green 2015135-73, Trim: Easy Border in Dahlia TL10121-772; Tables: Wrapped Walnut Trim Table AL1045, Holland & Company Finlay Side Table in Cherry #179; Lamp: Bunny Williams Home Marbleized Lamp in Red BLH1113; Rug: Grevin in Camel

Suzanne Kasler

Drapery panels: Garnier Damask in Beige/Blue - 2014108-165; Morgan Chair H4250-20, Fabric: Chantilly Weave in Beige - 2014119-16; Pillow: Athenee Velvet in Dusk - 2014116-15; Napa Drinks Table - 14TT; Carpet: Gundala-Silver; Painting by Susan Vecsey, Courtesy of Berry Campbell


Sofa: Loretta Sofa H4518-6, Fabric: Turkistan in Henna/Indigo 2013142-549, Trim: Easy Border in Oxblood TL10121-9; Chair: Leeds Chair H4311-20, Fabric: Khiva Ikat in Multi 2013140-954; Lamp: Bunny Williams Home Saffron Lamp BWH1168; Pillows left to right: Khalat Ikat in Gold/Ruby 2013138-409, Trim: Elford Cord in Wine/Blue TL10029-945, Romeo Velvet in Soleil 2007193-24, Trim: Classic Key Med in Maroon TL10114-916

David Easton Solarium

Seat and ottoman fabric: Anatolia Basket in Flax 2013101-611; Pillows: Sultan's Tracery in Blue 2013107-5, Izmir Ikat in Sapphire/Red 2013109-519, Sultan's Tracery in Blue 2013107-5, Vizier Stripe in Blue/Hazel 2013106-56

Oscar de la Renta

Wallpaper: Morning Glory in Golden Haze P2013100- 40; Drapery panels: Cosimo Crewel in Multi 2012156-519; Furniture: Prescott Chair Tight H4235-20, Fabric: Pamook in Azure/Wine 2012143-509, Grace Loveseat Skirted H3809-5, Fabric: Diamond Maze in Garnet 2012149-19; Pillows: Marco Polo in Wine/Teal 2012144-953, Montespan Satin in Fuchsia 2010114-97, Catalina Suzani in Garnet 2012151-950, Trim: Pencil Line in Bordeaux TL10119-9, Bolster: Montespan Satin in Peridot 2010114-33; Tables: MacRae Angus Side Table 193, Holland & Company Bobbin Leg Table 1208, Munro Table, English Regency Style (19/20th C) Brown Lacquered Tray Top Coffee Table Courtesy of Newel New York; Lamp: Lemon Leaf Lamp BLH1085; Carpet: Hyden-Desert; Paintings Courtesy of Spanierman Gallery, LLC


Panel: 2012133-127; Sofa: Workroom Sofa in 2012122-68; Pillows left to right: 2012122-34, 2012132-12 w/ Trim: 2012122-34; 2012134-30 w/ Trim: TL10047-33; 2012125-34 w/ Trim: TL10110-3; 2012116-12, 2012132-30 w/ Trim: 2012122-22; 2012115-534 w/ Trim: TL10094-335, 2012122-22

Elton Handblock

Elton Handblock in Multi - 2012114-519


Fabrics left to right: 2012102-524, 2012109-24, 2012107-244, 2012113-244, 2012111-24, 2012103-24


From top to bottom: 2012112-154, 2012112-198, 2012112-550


Drapery panels: 2012104-18; Left Chair: H4539-20; Fabric: 2012101-8; Right Chair: JF3643 LS BB TSB; Fabric: 2012120-116; Pillow: 2012100-8; Console: Howard Etagere 345

Suzanne Kasler

Fabrics left to right: 2011133-53, 2011136-116, 2011139-532

Heritage Collection

Wall and drapery fabric: 2010154-116; Drapery trim: TL10087-430; Chatham Recliner - H4610-20; Fabric: 2010154-116; Grid and Plain Ottoman - H4621-60; Fabric: 2001179-24

Oscar de la Renta

Pillows top to bottom: 2010119-193, Trim: TL10079-94; 2010102-195, Trim: TL10029-437; Back fabric: 2010117-19, Throws: 2010109-19


Furness Weaves

Fabric: (Top to Bottom) Ulverston in Ivory 2016128-101, Walney in Mist 2016126-115, Cumbria in Sapphire 2016123-50, Morecambe Bay in Indigo 2016124-50; Tostig in Blue 2016127-5, Lonsdale in Blue 2016125-5, Piel Diamond in Sapphire 2016129-50, Lonsdale in Navy 2016125-50

James Huniford

Drapery panels: Garnier Damask in Beige/Blue - 2014108-165; Morgan Chair H4250-20, Fabric: Chantilly Weave in Beige - 2014119-16; Pillow: Athenee Velvet in Dusk - 2014116-15; Napa Drinks Table - 14TT; Carpet: Gundala-Silver; Painting by Susan Vecsey, Courtesy of Berry Campbell



Custom upholstered screen in Axis Floral in Grey/Mauve GWF-3713-1110; Vivien Chair H4510-20 in Julia Embroidery in Flax/Mauve GWF-3708-1610, Pillow: Axis Floral in Grey/Mauve GWF-3713-1110, Trim: Strie Cord in Raisin TL10094-917; Workroom Sofa JF8843 TT BE DSW in Cluster Velvet in Plum/Frost GWF-3704-10, Pillows (left to right): Cluster Velvet in Plum/Frost GWF-3704-10, Cuboid Velvet in Orchid/Lilac GWF-3710-10, Julia Embroidery in Flax/Mauve GWF-3708-1610, Trim: TL10094-106; MacRae Finlay Side Table 179; Elle & Marks Santa Barbara Coffee Table EM-500; MacRae Cog Mirror M2005; Rug: Vibrant Lines in Cola CL-102775

Kelly Wearstler Textures

Fabrics: (Left to Right) Jumper in Natural GWF-3714-101; Tinge in Sapphire GWF-3720-50; Whisk in Shadow GWF-3719-18; Allay in Gray GWF-3717-611

Thomas O'Brien Textiles Vol. V

Fabrics: (Top Row) Eddie Chenille in Lake GWF-2584-153, Solitaire in Plum GWF-3522-10, Cantara in Khaki/Sage GWF-3519-323, Eddie Chenille in Camel/Ink GWF-2584-816, Eddie Chenille in Pearl GWF-2584-101,Cantara in Blue/Lake GWF-3519-515, Eddie Chenille in Camel GWF-2584-166; (Bottom Row) Solitaire in Camel GWF-3922-6, Cantara in Navy/Blue GWF-3519-550, Eddie Chenille in Taupe GWF-2584-168, Eddie Chenille in Beige GWF-2584-116, Solitaire in Lake GWF-3522-115, Cantara in Linen/Beige GWF-3519-616; AERO Tray in natural walnut courtesy of AERO.

Kelly Wearstler

Wallpaper: Avant in Ivory/Black GWP-3500-18; Pillows left to right: Coquette in Alabaster/Blk GWF-3532-18, Paradox in Black/Gold GWF-3533-840, Tempest in Onyx/Ivory GWF-3111-801

Hunt Slonem

Wallpaper: Hutch in Gold GWP-3410-8; Hyde Park Sofa H4607-7, Fabric: Fabric: Adele Solid in Natural - 2012127-116; Pillows left to right: Bayou Casino in Cobalt/Citrus - GWF-3407-522, Guardians in Pea - GWF-3403-23, Star Of India in Multi - GWF-3400-437, Guardians in Orange - GWF-3403-12, Catelayas 2 in Pink/Yellow - GWF-3406-740, Guardians in Cobalt - GWF-3403-50, Fritillery in Multi - GWF-3402-953; Carpet: All Eyes-Neutrals; Artwork Courtesy of Hunt Slonem

David Hicks Solarium

Drapery panels: Axum Str Weave in Aqua/Lime GWF-3322-135; Chairs: Seat: New Grille in Teal/Lime GWF-3324-315, Back: Little Clintch in Teal GWF-3323-53

David Hicks 3

Furniture: Grace Sofa Skirted H3809-7 in Adele Solid Natural 2012122-116, Corby Straight Back Chair H4323-20 in La Fiorentina Bronze GWF-3317-616, Darcy Chair Unskirted H3817-20 in York Castle Gold GWF-2723-406; Pillows: Turkish Flower Grey/Bronze GWF-3319-640, Trim: Ombre Cord Inca TL10130-4, Cliffoney Gold/Mink GWF-2727-640, Trim: Timothy Sunrise TL-10082-4; Tables: Napa Drinks Table NAPA/14TT, Orly Rectangular Cocktail Table ORLY/48RE; Carpet: Pama-Ivory; "Painting, Spanierman Modern"


Drapery: GWF-3301-347; Wallpaper: GWP-3320-116; Pillows left to right: GWF-3303-710, Trim: TL10094-24, GWF-3305-723, Trim: TL10047-44, GWF-3301-347, Trim: TL10082-717; Furniture: Robert Saddle Bench 42" H3815-42 in GWF-3333-17

Thomas O'Brien

Left row top to bottom: GWF-3230-311, Welt: GWF-3225-5; GWF-3223-8, Trim: TL10047-8; GWF-3224-11, Trim: TL10047-8; Right row top to bottom: GWF-3226-13, Welt: GWF-3225-11; GWF-3227-11, Trim: TL10039-515; Ground fabric: GWF-3225-13

Allegra Hicks

Top fabric: GWF-3204-16; Bottom fabric: GWF-3201-611

Kelly Wearstler

Fabric: GWF-3101-816


Fabric: GWF-3037-611

Silhouette Prints

Euro sham: GWF-3004-515, Trim: GWF-2738-50; Standard sham: GWF-3001-15, Trim: TL10013-515; Window treatment: GWF-3004-515, Trim: TL10096-16



Bench: Ozone in Bronze ED75021-2, Drapery: Southerly Breeze in Dove Grey ED95009-910


Orion in Indigo ED75016-1


Left: ED85211-4
Right: ED85214-925

Fascination Embroideries & Linens

Top to bottom, counterclockwise: ED85167-230, ED85166-340, ED85167-480, ED85167-245, ED85167-320, ED85167-560; Background: ED85164-455

Fascination Embroideries & Linens

Fabrics left to right: ED85161-2, ED85161-1, ED85161-4


Top to bottom: ED75009-7, ED75009-2


Fabric: ED85118-905


Fabric: ED85118-905


Carnival Lifestyle

Carnival Chevron in Tutti Frutti PF50426.1, Salsa Two Spot in Silver PF50424.925

Essential Colours

Sofa: Magma in Marble BF10682.106; Blankets: Matrix in Parchment BF10686-225, Canyon in Ivory BF10680.104; Pillows: (From bottom left) Blizzard in Ivory BF10684-104, Matrix in Parchment BF10686-225, Esker in Marble BF10685.106, Vortex in Parchment BF10681-225, Blizzard in Marble BF10684-106, Axis in Flax BF10679.110, Summit in Parchment BF10677.225, Drift in Sand BF10678.130

Historic Royal Palaces

Left: Cromwell in Gold BF10651-1; Right: Royal Garden Velvet in Amber/Jade BP10642-4

Rio Velvets

Rio in Spice BP10628-1


Botanical Garden in Fig BF10565-3


Drapery:BF10507-1; Cushion: J0337-225

Simply Damask

Drapery: Glenavon Damask in Pewter BF10495-945


Wallpaper: BW45011-9; Curtains: R1206-8; Sofa: J0337-685; Cushions: BF10454-725, J0337-578, R1206-8, J0337-235, J0337-770; Cushion Trim: BT30581-106


Wallpaper: BW45042-1; Chair: J0337-338; Trim: J0337-760; Cushions: BF10453-338

GP & J Baker

Drapery: BF10340-2; Chair Fabric: BP10144-5; Pillows left to right: BF10005-4, BF10344-2


Drapery: Peplow Trail in Sand BF10433-130; Pillow: Meldon in Indigo BF10432-660; Chair fabric: Hamilton Stripe in Indigo/Taupe BF10431-660; Solid chair fabric: Roslea in Linen BF10423-110


Sofa fabric: J0575.230; Pillows Back to Front: BF10347-2, BF10133-2,


Pillows to bottom: PF50076-640, Trim: PT85012-2; PF50081-670 Bench fabric: BP10381-2; Throw fabric: Back: PF50162-670, Front: PF50135-100


Pillow: BF10347-1; Trim: T30555-16; Fabric: BF10341-3


Wallpaper: BW45013 / 2; Pillows top to bottom: BF10297 / 390, BF10315 / 850, BF10298 / 1, BF10049 / 380,
BF10315 / 290



Pillows: (First Row) Rattan Chenille in Teal/Indigo FD761-R46, Fiesta Stripe in Red/Green FD769-V117, Rattan Chenille in Red/Plum FD761-V54, Bute in Amber FD749-T40; (Second Row) Pageant Stripe in Multi FD756-Y101, Animal Magic in Teal FD764-R11, Rain Dance in Multi FD768-Y101; (Third Row) Bedouin Stripe in Indigo FD300-H10, Mull in Russet FD750-V55, Mulberry Hounds Linen in Multi FD296-Y101, Forest Leaves in Red/Plum FD766-V54; (Fourth Row) Jazz in Indigo/Spice FD770-H53, Morning Gallop Velvet in Grey/Sand FD295-A46, Rain Dance in Indigo/Teal FD768-H43, Celtic Herringbone in Sand/Slate FD298-N112; (Fifth Row) Chester Stripe in Indigo FD760-H10, Tapton Stripe in Teal/Russet FD735-R43, Sundance in Sienna/Red/Blue FD767-M38

Bohemian Travels

Drapery panels: Wild Geese Velvet in Goose Grey FD288.A121; Sofa fabric: Oakwood in Woodsmoke FD740.A101; Cushions left to right, back to front: Ancient Tartan in Mulberry FD016/584.Y107, Rossini Velvet in Teal FD628.R11, Festival Stripe Embroidery in Indigo FD280.H10, Buckland in Charcoal/Bronze FD282.A130, Flying Ducks Velvet in Sky FD258.H22, Shetland Plaid in Cinnamon FD344.P102, Twelve Bar Stripe in Natural/Pink/Green FD614.K45, Lorimer in Spice FD733.T30, Benmore in Woodsmoke FD732.A101

Bohemian Romance

Daybed: Country Plaid in Teal/Sienna/Mauve FD699-R35; Throw: Shetland Plaid in Blue FD344-H101; Cushions left to right: Lomond Velvet in Multi FD265-Y101, Shaftesbury in Teal/Amber FD715-R35, Bohemian Stripe in Multi FD266-Y101, Bohemian Tapestry in Sienna FD725-M30; Floor pillows left to right: Romilly in Fig FD714-H46, Velvet Ancient Tartan in Grey/Green FD274-A40

Country Weekend

Dining Chairs Going Clockwise: FD665.S29, FD529.R14, FD678.J137 FD698.S112, FD667.R11, FD259.R38

Country Weekend

Sofa Fabric: FD206-J59; Pillows left to right: FD690-V148, FD664-V146

Country Weekend Velvets

Footstool: FD677-V88; Cushions: FD695-V146, FD679-V96, FD678-V88, FD678-M30


Fabric: FD689-S118


Drapery: FD665-V146; Chairs fabric: FD682-K132, FD628-H113

Grand Tour

Wallpaper: FG052-R13; Chair: FD657-N11; Pillows back to front: FD655-R24, FD655-N11


Sofa fabric: FD651-V41; Pillows left to right: FD624-T117, Trim: TA5364-106; FD650-V50, FD650-H28, FD619-S30; Throw fabric: FD648-T132


From Top to bottom: FD619-S30, FD254-V108, FD622-V102, FD257-M104, FD620-T106, FD256-H113


Homes & Gardens II

Rickshaw Cover:PP50359-1; Trim: PT85004-3; Cushions Left to Right: PF50351-5, PF50357-588, PP50361-2, PP50359-1, PP50355-2, PF50351-2, PF50349-6

Homes & Gardens II

Bench and Roll Pillow: PP50362.5; Pillows left to right: PF50357.210, PF50363.2, PP50361.4, PP50355.4

Opera Garden

Wallpaper: PW78010.4; Curtains: PF50315.140; Sofa Fabric: Denim Broad Stripe; Cushion: PP50325.1 , PF50315.140 PP50327.2, PW78010.4, PF50336.725

Denbury Collection

Fabrics left to right: Purcombe Check in Dresden PF50301-664, Paignton Velvet in Marine PF50309-655, Harbourne in Dresden PF50304-664, Denbury Stripe in Blue/Green/Aqua PF50307-7, Churston in Dresden PF50308-664

Homes & Gardens

Drapery: PF50297-470; Trim: PT85011-8, PT85002-4; Curtain: PF50295-3; Sofa: PP50293-5; Pillows from left to right: PF50297-760, PF50285-3, PP50293-5, PF50295-3, PF50285-4, PF50297-760; Left chair:PF50126-730; Pillow: PF50285-5; Right chair: PF50297-760


Fabrics and trims top to bottom: PP50281-5 Trim: PP50281-1
PP50281-1 Trim: PP50281-9,
PP50281-9 Trim: PP50281-5
PP50281-2 Trim: PP50281-5

Country Garden

Chair fabric: LB50162-790; Trim: LB50096-120; Pillows left to right: LB50131-790; Trim: TLB85004-5, LB50086-715; Throw fabric: LB50133-3



Simsbury in Lime/Blue BFC-3661-235


Left chair: Osborne in Red BFC-3653-119; Right chair: Osborne in Green BFC-3653-3; Drapery: Ashcombe in Red/Blue BFC-3652-195


Pillows Left to Right: Rossmore Pink BFC-3517.17, Altamira Red/Grey BFC-3649.1121, Rossmore Aqua BFC-3517.13, Altamira Red/Grey BFC-3649.1121, Lime/Blue BFC-3649.1130, Rossmore Indigo BFC-3648.50

Peggy Angus

Chair Fabric: Damask-Pink BFC-3518-17


Pillows Left to Right: BFC-3634-616, BFC-3633-7, BFC-3633-5, BFC-3634-124, BFC-3634-513; Bench Cushion: BFC-3636.303


Left chair: BFC-3616-323; Blue/White Sofa Cushion: BFC-3502-15


Curtains: BFC-3624-168

Collection V

Drapery: BFC-3627-11, Pillow: BFC-3626-53


Fabrics from left to right: BFC-3643-3, BFC-3643-11, BFC-3643-5, BFC-3643-19


Frank Ponterio

Isabella Sofa HP1000-7, Fabric: Romeo Velvet in Moonlight 2007193-1001; Gavin Lounge Chair HP1002-20, Fabric: LJ Inca in Sand LJ-INCA.SAND; Katherine Bench H4503-25, Fabric: Carrick Flannel in Grey FD705-D33; Wall Upholstery: Newport in Linen ED85116-119; Georgie Cocktail Table OTF1011M; Franklin Side Table OTF1015S; Lighting: Sam Sconce in Pewter OTF2010; Lamps: Bunny Williams Home Marbleized Lamp in Black BLH1092; Carpet: Custom Rug CL-100552.CUSTOM

Kelly Wearstler

Wetherly Sofa KW4102-7, Fabric: Paradox in Linen/Off White GWF-3533-161; Pillows: Coquette in Alabaster/Black GWF-3532-18; Wallpaper: Graffito in Salmon/Cream GWP-3501-117; Rhapsody Pedestal Table OTK4113; Wetherly Swivel Lounge Chair KW4102-20, Fabric: Stroke in Shell/Onyx GWF-3529-78; Custom rug in Icon in Ivory/Ebony GWL-3402-18

Parish Hadley

Drapery panels: Mingo in Brown; Davis Sofa, Fabric: Francis Strie in Pearl; Pillows: Jay Trellis in Brown, Trim: Pencil Line in Java, Harry Velvet in Flame/Gold, Trim: Olivia CD w/Flan in Dark Chocolate; Tables: Santa Barbara Side Table Two Tier Plynth Motif, Santa Barbara Side Table One Tier Motif both by Elle & Marks, Lee Jofa Watson Cocktail Table; Chairs: Mellon Slipper Chairs, Fabric: Mozambique in Red; Robert Saddle Bench, Fabric: Otto Trellis in Claret/Red; Painting by Walter Darby Bannard, courtesy of Berry Campbell; Lamps: Bunny Williams Home Chicken Feather Lamps in Brown; Carpet: Russbridge in Travertine;


Drapery panels: Malatesta Onyx GWF-3316-8, Trim: Easy Border Noir TL10121-8; Furniture: Workroom Sofa JF7637 TT BE DSW in Daisy Daisy Onyx/Grey GWF-2746-811, Spencer Slipper Chair H3822-20 in Fiorentina Velvet Midnight GWF-3313-8, Robert Saddle Bench 24” H3815-24 in Chengtudoor Emb Black/Linen GWF-3320-816; Pillows: Kyoto Shrine Ivory/Onyx GWF-3314-18, Trim: Simple Border Noir TL10122-8; Drummond Stripe Onyx/Beige GWF-3312-816, Trim: Strie Cord Dove TL10094-811; Tables: Belaire Side Table EM-530 from Elle & Marks, Santa Barbara Table EM-500 from Elle & Marks; Lamp: Noir Lamp BLH 1092; Carpet: Cue-Chocolate; “Painting, Spanierman Modern”


Drapery panel: Tidewater Block in Gold/Brown 2013130-468, Trim: Easy Border in Haze TL10121-11; Workroom Sofa JF8243 ME SR DSW, Fabric: Adele Solid in Taupe 2012122-111; Side pillows: Antonia in Sandstone 2012150-116, Trim: Hance in Stone TL10081-610, Center pillow: Diamond Maze in Pewter 2012149-11, Trim: Easy Border in Haze TL10121-11; Sebastian Chair Skirted H3806-20, Fabric: Diamond Maze in Pewter 2012149-11; Holland & Company Round Pedestal Side Table 5031, Elle & Marks Legeard Low Table EM-520; Sanskirt lamp BLH11112; Carpet: Vibrant Lines-Ivory; Painting Courtesy of Spanierman Gallery, LLC

Eric Cohler

Sofa: Oliver Sofa w/Skirt - H4532-7; Fabric: 2009134-5; Skirt: 2006215-1; Square Throw Pillows: 2006215-1; Sasha Chair-Skirted - H4531-20; Fabric: 2009101-11; Band at Bottom of Skirt: TL10053-416; Pillows: 2009132-101; Trim: TL10047-1



Drapery panel: 2011137-1, Trim: 2011136-12; Sofa: H4220-6, Fabric: 2011133-12; Side pillows: 2011134-116, Trim: 2011135-12; Center pillows: 2011130-612, Trim: TL10018-16; Left chair: H4250-20, Fabric: 2011136-116, Skirt trim: 2011135-12; Pillow: 2011138-125, Trim: TL10110-2; Right chair: H4235-20, Fabric: 2011134-116, Trim: 2011135-16; Tables: 9850, Orly/48RE; Lamps: TL95; Carpet: Lishan/C - Ivory



Drapery: Nympheus Twill in Shell/Jade 2016100-173; Montague Chair H4707-20, Fabric: Morecambe Bay in Birch 2016124-16; Pillow: Fulham Linen V in Petal 2016133-170, Trim: Classic Key Med in Buff TL10114-16; Mirror: Yasmin OFM1500M; Wreath Commode 9817 from Holland & Co; Carpet: Netley Linen Rug CL-100513.


Lodge Collection

LEFT IMAGE - Wallpaper: Antlers Paper in Navy P2017102-50; Furniture: Annabelle Chair H4705-20 in Fannin Plaid in Ruby/Navy 2017125-519; Pillow: Antlers in Navy 2009143-50; Table: Bottoms-Up Drinks Table Marble from Bunny williams Home BLH1054; Artwork by Judith Godwin, courtesy of Berry Campbell; Carpet: Riccarton in Fawn

RIGHT IMAGE - Antlers Paper in Navy P2017102-50

Lilly Pulitzer

Wallpaper: Sameera Paper in Red/Blue P2017100.519; Furniture: Royale Banquette H4700-6, Fabric: Caravan in Red 2017101.19; Pillows (Left to Right): Berber in Rhubarb/Oro 2017100.940, Sameera in Red/Blue 2017108.519, Makassar in Red 2017106.19, Las Palmas in Red 2017109.19

Lilly Pulitzer

Wallpaper: Big Bam in Hotty Pink P2016100-753; Furniture: Moroccan Bench H4701-25, Fabric: Seaspray Weave in Palm Green 2016110-23

Aerin Wallpaper

Wallpaper: Marcel, color Red P2016108-9; Drapery: Flores, color Red/Blue 2015144-945

Oscar de la Renta

Wallpaper: Hedges Paper in Off White P2013103-130; Skirt fabrics from front to back: Brushstroke in Emerald 2012153-368, Jessup in Sepia/Indigo 2012142-650; Top of mannequin forms fabric: Montespan Satin in Peridot 2010114-33


Marquee Stripes

Jaspe Stripe in Black + White - 110/4025.CS


Singita in Green - 109/7034.CS

Mariinsky Damask

Petrouchka in Blue - 108/3011-CS


Strand in Teal/Gold - 107/7036-CS

Landscape Plains

Pebble in Sage - 106/2027-CS

Geometric II

Apex in Grand/Teal - 105/10045-CS


Cabaret Red & Yellow - 103/7026-CS

Fornasetti II

Nuvolette Black & White - 97/2007-CS

Archive Anthology

Chinese Toile in Red 100/8041-CS


Top panel: Versailled Grand 99/16064-CS; Bottom panel: Parterre 99/2010-CS

Fornasetti II

Macchinne Volanti Midnight: 97/1002-CS

Fornasetti II

Teatro Linen & Aqua - 97/14043-CS

Festival Stripes

Baudelaire in Linen & Gold - 94/1003-CS

Contemporary Restyled

Palm Jungle in Green on Black - 95/1003


Chatterton in Shell and Ivory - 94/2008

Archive Traditional

Ludlow in Taupe - 88/1001


Geisha in Teal - 89/6025

Vivienne Westwood

Shirting in Purple - 86/6022


Kelly Wearstler

Wallpaper: Coquette in Midnight/Black GWP-3503-558; Drape: Chalet Embroidery in Dusk/Black GWF-3525-158

David Hicks Grasscloth

Fiorentina in Red P2009006-19

Hunt Slonem

Wallpapers left to right: Hutch in Gold - GWP-3413-40, Bunny Wall in Black - GWP-3410-8; Dalton Chair H4503-20, Fabric: Guardians in Taupe - GWF-3403-611; Pillow: Fritillery in Multi - GWF-3402-953; Carpet: All Eyes-Neutrals; Artwork Courtesy of Hunt Slonem

David Hicks

La Fiorentina in Marine GWP-3405-15


Drapery: GWF-3307-653, Trim: TL10094-35; Wallpaper: GWP-3322-11; Pillows left to right: GWF-3333-11, Trim: TL10114-135, GWF-3309-13, Trim: TL10122-135; Sebastian Settee Skirted H3806-5 in GWF-3003-11

Kelly Wearstler

Wallpaper: GWP-3302-516; Chair: Salisbury Chair H3803-20; Fabric: GWF-3104-511

Kelly Wearstler

Wallpaper: GWP-3304-48; Table: Nessa Side Table 175; Fabric: GWF-3112-816; Welt: GWF-3110-8



Wallpapers from left to right: Solstice in Silver EW15010-925, Stratum in Silver EW15011-925, Alchemy in Silver EW15008-925, Glimmer in Silver EW15012-925



Sundra in StoneBW45067-2


Background wallpaper: Ryecote Damask in Willow/Ivory BW45048-7; Wallpapers from left to right: Ryecote Damask in Aqua/Ivory BW45048-3, Ryecote Damask in Ivory/Linen BW45048-4, Ryecote Damask in Yellow/Ivory BW45048-6, Ryecote Damask in Stone/Ivory BW45048-1


Bohemian Romance

From left to right: Lomond in Red/Plum FG082-V54, Lomond in Multi FG082-Y101, Lomond in Silver/Taupe FG082-J80


Peggy Angus

Chair Fabric: Persian Leaf - Aqua BFC-3516-13; Wallpaper: Persian Leaf - Aqua PBFC-3503-13





RD1956 Amelia


Carnival Lifestyle

Trims going clockwise: Samba Braid in Indigo PT85021.2, Carnival Braid in Peacock PT85023.5, Salsa Braid in Aqua, Samba Braid in Blue PT85021.5

Lilly Pulitzer

Pillows: (Clockwise) Seaspray Weave in Palm Green 2016110-23, Poolside Weave in Resort White 2016107-101, Trim: Chev On It Tape in Shorely Blue TL10142-353, Welt: Surf Stripe in Shorely Blue 2016117-113, Chev On It in Flamingo 2016115-712; Big Wave in Flamingo 2016116-17, Seaspray Weave in Schooner 2016110-50, Well Connected in Clementine 2011101-12, Welt: Montespan Satin in Orange 2016110-12, Surf Stripe in Flamingo 2016117-117, Surf Stripe in Palm Green 2016117-123, Seaspray Weave in Clementine 2016110-12, Bazaar in Tiki Pink 2016114-753, Welt: Surf Stripe in Flamingo 2016117-117, Seaspray Weave in Shorely Blue 2016110-13, Chev On It in Worth Blue 2016115-550, Big Wave in Beach Blue 2016146-15, Seaspray Weave in Flamingo 2016110-77, Surf Stripe in Beach Blue 2016117-115

Suzanne Kasler Collection II

Trims left to right: Madeleine Tape in Twilight/Beige - TL10140-18, Tremoille Tape in Lavender - TL10139-10, Siene Tape in Grey - TL10137-11, Madeleine Tape in Dusk/Ivory - TL10140-15, Avignon Tape in Grey - TL10136-11, Montalembert in Grey - TL10138-11, Tremoille Tape in Aqua - TL10139-13, Rennes Tape in Navy - TL10135-50

Lilly Pulitzer

Trims going clockwise: TL10107-77, TL10106-773, TL10108-77

Color Compendium II

Trims going clockwise: TL10085-3, TL10081-34, TL10075-30, TL10081-34, TL10079-3, TL10076-34, TL10084-3, TL10076-34, TL10075-34

Eric Cohler Design

Pillows top to bottom: 2006215-68, Trim: TL10053-24; 2006195-68, Trim: TL10049-2310; 2006194-3, Trim: TL10055-6; 2006192-930, Trim: TL10055-6; Side pillow: 2006201-68, Trim: TL10082-6